meet the owner

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Sharmonique was born and raised in the great state of Arkansas. She joined the United States Army after high school, and became a military police officer. After her time in the military, she moved back to Arkansas / Texas, and soon took her position of revamping the family business. She started Eden’s in 2019, and has helped develop the business to where it is today. Sharmonique is responsible for the new clients, contracts, and customers.


our story

Eden’s is a family-owned and operated business. Sharmonique and Sheba are two sisters who are carrying on the legacy our mother, Lola started. In 2009, our mom decided to start up her own business after being laid off from a job she worked for 15+ years. She started the family cleaning business from the ground up, and generally focused on residential. She eventually expanded to commercial and post-construction. It was her goal for my sister and I to take over the business and build it up to be an even bigger success than she had already made it, that is when we “created” Eden’s.